Tuesday, July 24, 2007

While we were gone

A couple of days ago, my Mom and I went out to look for school clothes for Jordan while my Dad kept both Jordan and Maddy at home. It was Grampy's first "extended" babysitting experience. Things went pretty well, except for a couple of incidents. They were both playing out in the yard while my Dad sat by the window within eye and earshot of them. He caught them both playing with the rocks in the driveway and throwing them onto the grass. When he came out and asked what was going on, Jordan quickly denied any part of it (she has recently been told not to put rocks onto the lawn)... and blamed it all on Maddy. When Dad asked her why she didn't tell Maddy not to play with the rocks, she told him that she did. Dad reminded her that he was right there by the window and heard everything that was going on. She still stuck to her story, exclaming that she DID in fact try and tell Maddy, but she "didn't want to talk too loud". LOL. Yeah right!!

So needless to say, because of this, they were no longer allowed to go play on the trampoline next door. Jordan was very disappointed that she couldn't and tried to tell Dad "but Grampy! Mommy wants me to get some energy off!!"

The things that kids say!!

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