Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Girls and boys

Since moving here last year, the girls haven't developed many friendships beyond the two boys of our close friends here. I expect that will change when Jordan starts school in the fall, but for now, they spend a whole lot of time with Jacob and Ethan while their Mom, Laura, and I drink coffee and enjoy some conversation. Jacob is Jordan's age, and Ethan is closer to Maddy's age, but a little older.

Recently, we've begun to notice that Jacob is a little put off by playing with girls. He has begun to complain about coming over to our house because all Jordan wants to do is play "wedding"... and play girl things.

One afternoon, as Laura was on her way over here with the boys, Jacob was a little reluctant to come play, I guess because he wasn't really in the mood for girl stuff. This was shortly after Christmas, and Jordan had gotten some Barbies, and some dress-up clothes.. and a bunch of "girl" toys! On their way over, they discussed how Jacob could do other things besides play girl stuff and that we had a lot of things to play that wasn't "girly" etc... and that he had to be nice to Jordan.

At our house, however, we were having a particularly girly day. Jordan was all into her dressup clothes. She had a dress on, with plastic jewelry, high heels, a tierra.. the works!

The doorbell rings.

Jordan answers it, all dressed up. Jacob gives his mother a look of "I told you!!!". Only later did I understand what this look meant, as Laura explained their discussion on the way over. Who knew that this stuff started this early!

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