Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Mom Tip

If you have a fussy eater... this may be worth trying. Maddy is definately one of those fussy eaters. So much so that she has been to a nutritionist and put on "Pediasure" because there are some days that she may have only a few bites of food. Recently, I discovered that this little trick can work with any food that you can fold (pizza, quesedillas, sandwiches etc...) Maddy was complaining that she couldn't finish her pizza and it was too much. So I suggested she fold it up and make it smaller. I showed her by folding her pizza, making it look like half it's original size. "Oh! OK", she said... and finished her pizza off in no time. It's worth a try!

1 comment:

trine said...

good idea. helene prefers many little thing to one big thing as well. even if it's the same amount all around :)

ps one day she'll read this... ;-)